Choreography For Your Production

“Attack The Problem” Consultation

Contact me to arrange a free, no obligation consultation in which we’ll:

  • Clarify your production’s needs for stage combat
  • Discuss exciting possibilities for the shape of fights
  • Identify your needs for weapons and fight props
  • Plan fight rehearsals for best results
  • Leave the session energized and inspired that the violence in your show will be extraordinary.

What Weapons and Styles?

I have formal training in many weapons for stage combat, and several styles of real martial arts (Eastern and European). Too many to list here, so Click Here for Weapons or Click Here for my Resume

Rate Per Rehearsal

If you want to bring me in for a single rehearsal, I will teach the necessary techniques to your actors and choreograph a simple fight for $150 per session. Whether your rehearsal is one hour or 4 hours, I only charge a flat fee. Beyond 4 hours, you’re asking to have me for the day, and to put everything aside for a day, I have to charge $275.

The Champion Package

For less than the cost of 4 rehearsals, you’ll get:

  1. Initial Consultation
    We will have a detailed meeting, where we’ll establish:

    • Your production’s stage combat needs
    • Decide on the most exciting possibilities for the shape of fights
    • What props and weapons are needed and where to get them
    • A plan and rehearsal schedule that will optimize the final performance
  2. Planning
    Before my first rehearsal with your actors, I will meticulously prepare:

    • Script analysis and research
    • Create choreography for your particular set
    • Source fight-worthy props and weapons
  3. Unlimited Rehearsals
    You won’t pay for individual rehearsals. I will be at as many rehearsals as needed.

    • Train actors in safe and effective techniques
    • Teach the choreography
    • Incorporate the fight into the scene, with elements such as:
      • Martial attitude
      • Stances and how to carry weapons
      • Flourishes
      • Playing wounds
      • How to die on stage
  4. Follow Up
    I will go beyond the rehearsal to:

    • Provide written choreography in my uniquely clear manner that incorporates pictures of your actors performing the moves
    • Be available for changes to choreography, re-casting or other needs.

The cost of the Champion Package is $450* per show.


Contact Me

To book your free “Attack The Problem” consultation
Email me at
Call 778-840-2370
Skype: playfighting

I Am Not Unionized

Click here if you have an ACTRA/Equity Production.

 * All prices are in Canadian dollars. Additional charges for weapon rental, travel and other expenses may apply, which are negotiated for each contract before work begins.