Stage Fighting Instruction

I offer group classes and private coaching. My focus is on actors, but I have also taught stage managers, directors and stunt people. Anyone concerned with the illusion of violence and safety in performance can benefit.

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For actors, it is the best opportunity to combine physical performance with emotional acting. At the climax of the play, when you are fighting for your life, you want to be physically dynamic while portraying fear and anger. You’ll have to incorporate wounds and fatigue without actually getting hurt or tired. At the end, every scene you play will benefit from a renewed connection between your emotions and your movement, and get mastery of your instrument in the process.

Group Classes

The ideal format to learn stage fighting is with other actors. A group class of 10-12 students means that you can practice the techniques with different partners. That size group is also small enough for everyone to trust each other and for my personal attention to correct your performance and ensure your safety at all times.

Full FDC Certification Course

Stage combat has high standards for performance realism and safety. The FDC course is 60 hours of instruction in sword, quarterstaff and unarmed combat to make the actor into an action hero. The successful students will be awarded Basic Actor-Combatant Certification in Fight Directors Canada. Read more: Stage Combat Course. Next course starts 20 January, 2014.

Ongoing Practice
Once you have your FDC Basic Certification, or you’ve got your Green Cord at Academie Duello, you can join our ongoing training classes. Each class will have a brief lesson, then plenty of time to create and rehearse choreography with feedback on your performance. Use your skills with any weapon, and join the Academie Duello Demo Team, or practice for your next film.

  • Tuesdays 8pm-10pm
  • Thursdays 8pm-10pm
  • Saturdays 5pm-7pm

Private Coaching and Custom Lessons
If you’d like a private group lesson or one-on-one training, just email me.

Slaps & Slashes Workshop
I teach a one-day course that touches on many aspects of the Basic level of stage combat. We cover 2 hours of theatrical swordplay and 2 hours of unarmed stage combat including slaps, hair pulls, safely falling to the floor and much more. I call it the Slaps & Slashes Workshop. None scheduled..


Private and group classes are held at Academie Duello in downtown Vancouver: 412 West Hastings Street

For private instruction or coaching for a specific film or stage performance, I can also travel to a gym or studio that your production provides. I can also teach in your home or business if you have enough space.

Interested in any of these options? Questions? Email me.


  • Do you know anyone who is in the Regina or Saskatoon area who has experience giving stage-fighting seminars?

    Jonathan Schneider

    Jonathan SchneiderApril 9, 2010