FDC Certification Classes


Set a reminder: The next course starts: September 2017
Sunday to Friday 1pm – 5pm
Three weeks, Basic Certification Test at the end.
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Fight Directors Canada requires three specific weapon systems at the Basic Actor-Combatant level: Sword, Quarterstaff and Unarmed. The 20 hours of lessons per weapon covers how to wield the weapon with accuracy and effective fighting style, in drills, choreography and flourishes. Equally important are the safety concerns with each weapon, and how to create the illusion of violence with each strike and move. At the end of the course, the student will perform three fight scenes (complete with dialogue and acting besides an impressive fight), one for each weapon, evaluated by an FDC Fight Master.

Stage Combat Basics

Actors need to have a variety of skills and comprehensive training to be effective actor-combatants.

  1. A selection of techniques that includes several types of punches, slaps, ways to fall, sword manoeuvres, staff manipulation, and ways to conceal safety tricks.
  2. Ability to tell an emotional story with the scene, portraying the anger in the attacker, the fear of the victim, the exhaustion of a long fight and the pain of wounds… all while keeping the choreography consistent.
  3. Incorporating the fight into the play with dialogue, character choices, connection with your partner and the scene.


The fundamental sword techniques taught in the lessons can be adapted to any one-handed sword, such as the rapier, the hand-and-a-half sword, the Scottish basket-hilt, the sabre and even the bayonnet. In this class we’ll cover footwork, parries, cuts and thrusts, control of the opponent’s blade, how to play wounds, and what options exist for customization.


Considered by many to be the most challenging weapon to keep both safe and exciting, the staff will test your coordination. Robin Hood would not be the same without Little John’s challenge to a quarterstaff duel.


At this level, we show you all the secrets of a great fist-fight featuring knock-down-drag-out action that looks realistic and brutal and that works in ancient and modern settings. The Fight Directors Canada Program will cover punches, slaps, throws, hair pulls, grappling and dozens of other topics.

Beyond Basic: Intermediate Certification

If you already have FDC Basic Actor-Combatant certification and you want to take your skills to the next level, we’re also running an Intermediate certification course. This level covers historical broadsword, small sword, martial arts and rapier & dagger. At this second level, certification requires 80 hours.

Get approved for Intermediate by contacting david@academieduello.com with your FDC Certification information.


Our next 3-week intensive will be starting September 2017. It will be Sunday to Friday, 1pm to 5pm.

Minimum 6 participants, maximum 12 participants. Contact info@academieduello.com to reserve your spot today!


Contact Academie Duello for rates: 604-568-9907

FDC Certification Course FAQ

I have auditions in those times on weekdays… what happens if I miss a class?
You need to have 60 hours of instruction under a certified instructor, so you will need to make up the lesson you missed. Here’s a couple of ways of redoing those hours:

  1. Arrange to have a private lesson with your instructor
  2. Arrange to come to the evening Performance Classes when your instructor can take time to redo that lesson.

Are there prerequisites? Do I need the Stage Combat Fundamentals (formerly “Slaps & Slashes”) workshop?
No. We will take you through the entire course assuming you have no former training. If you have already done the “Slaps & Slashes” workshop or our current Stage Combat Fundamentals course, you should ask for the $60 discount on the course cost, but you will be expected to begin the course on day one.

How do I sign up?
Drop by Academie Duello at 412 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver,
or call 604-568-9907
or email info@academieduello.com
or sign up online: Register at AcademieDuello.com