Autumn Basic Certification

Updated Information About Course Specifics Here

Actors Need Basic Stage Combat

Few acting schools teach anything but the bare-bones of acted agression. To get certified in Fight Directors Canada (the only Equity-approved stage combat standard), the only place in Vancouver is Academie Duello.

The Shakespeare actor who has a sword fight on stage has no stunt double. He must do the fight himself. How good is that fight if the first time he picked up a sword was in his rehearsal hall, three weeks before opening night? Actors trained in stage combat impress live audiences.

The action star in that film punches and kicks bad guys, and you can tell he can really do it. Was it karate lessons that enables him to do that? No, it’s stage combat training.

The female lead is being choked by the villain. If you were cast in that role, would you feel safe?

Course Content

Designed for actors and the real situations you will encounter in film, stage and other performance venues, the Basic level includes:

  • How to fall, faint and get thrown to the ground safely
  • How to perform convincing slaps, hair pulls, strangulations and other brutal action with zero risk
  • How to swing weapons safely at full speed and with no bulky padding
  • How to integrate a fight into a scene with full acting intentions so the audience is captivated

At the Basic level, three weapons are introduced:

  • Swashbuckling Sword
  • Street-fighting Unarmed
  • Six-foot Staff

Fits Your Schedule

This class will begin when we get sufficient registrations. It is a 60-hour course that is normally 3 sessions per week, 2 hours each, for 10 weeks. However, instead of dictating the schedule, I will contact everyone who has registered, and we will together decide what days of the week work best for the students. If you register, you’ll be part of the discussion that decides the start date, which days of the week and time of day the classes will be.

Register Now or Miss Out

Only students who register ($100 deposit required) will be contacted for the class. Call or drop by Academie Duello to register today.

What About Intermediate?

If you already earned your Basic Actor-Combatant and you’re ready to progress to Broadsword, Rapier & Dagger, Smallsword and Martial Arts, the same registration process applies. Just put down a deposit to get registered, and we’ll decide together what times and dates the class will run.

Updated Information About Course Specifics Here


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