Basic Certification NOW

An update to my Autumn Basic Certification class:

Start Date: 5 October, 2010
Weekly Schedule: Tuesdays 8pm to 11pm and Saturdays 3pm to 5pm.
End Date: 11 December, 2010*

* This is the official end of classes, but the exam date is not set yet. It may be that day, or in the following week. Additional practice time would be allotted for no additional charge to make sure you are prepared for the test.

There is still room to join us. Call Academie Duello at 604-568-9907 or drop by 412 W. Hastings St. Email me if you have any questions… now’s your last chance in 2010 to get certified in stage combat.

Intermediate Now?

Yes! If we have 3 more registrations, we can run an Intermediate certification course at the same time. If you have your Basic and would like to continue your stage combat education, just contact myself or the Academie. I’d like to run the courses concurrently so that we can have a big exam day with both levels. This requires 8 hours per week (2 hours for each of Smallsword, Broadsword, Martial Arts and Rapier & Dagger) for the same 10 weeks.

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