Big Parkour Weekend in Vancouver

First a quick documentary on Parkour, for those who are unfamiliar:

Get Running Today

This is a big weekend for parkour in Vancouver. Read the itinerary and directions from PKBC, the largest group of local freerunners.
Parkour BC – British Columbia’s Parkour Community

JULY 3rd

5:00 PM – Burnaby Mountain Secondary School
8800 Eastlake Drive, Burnaby
Skytrain + Freerun:
Take the train to “Production Way Station” – Freerun east down “Lougheed Highway” – Cross the street at “Gaglardi Way” and follow the path to your left up to the school.
Skytrain + Bus:
Take the train to “Production Way Station” – Hop on the “110 Lougheed Mall” at the bus loop – Get off at Eastlake and Beaverbrook (school is to your right)

8:00 PM – 10:00 PM – Omega Gymnastics Drop in
125 B Glacier Street, Coquitlam
10$ Drop in

JULY 4th

12:00 PM – 12:30 PM – Coopers Park
located underneath the “Cambie Street Bridge” (downtown side)
Skytrain + Freerun:
Get off at “Stadium Skytrain Station” – Slide down the railing to the lower Level – Freerun left on “Expo Blvd” – then Freerun right on “Abbott Street” – take a right on Pacific Blvd and Freerun as hard as you can until you hit Nelson Street – Go Left on Nelson and do your best Freerunning possible (everyone will be watching) as you head straight for the park.

12:30 PM – til you drop – Downtown Training

JULY 5th

2:00 PM – Dark – Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver
Bus + Normalruncausetheresnobstaclesinwhichtoexpressyourfreedomwith:
Catch the “250 Horseshoe Bay Bus” on “Georgia Street” Downtown – Hop off at “Marine Drive & Beacon Lane” – Follow the sign that says “lighthouse park” and meet everyone at the gate to the trail.

I’m not going to promise to be at every event all the time, but I will try to attend. If the organizer, Rene, is game, I’ll also teach a bit of a fight scene for interested parties.

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