Stage Combat in Your School

Teachers, you can have stage combat in your school this semester. Whether you have a performing arts high school or a post-secondary theatre school, students deserve the skill of stage combat as a part of their training.

The Advantage

Your students can benefit from proper stage combat education for their own safety, and as a dynamic movement component of their training. Movement classes often focus on dance, expression or alignment, but many students only apply them in the classroom. Stage combat is movement training with obvious application, high stakes acting (literally life-and-death), and improves posture, coordination, effective choices and genuine reactions.

Kids Love This

Don’t underestimate the attractiveness of stage combat to a prospective student. If your arts program offers stage combat, you’ll get more sign-ups than the program without.

What Options Exist?

Together, we can arrange any of the following:

  • A one-day overview of stage combat (2 hours to 6 hours), during a regular school day, or evenings or weekends.
  • A recurring class once or more per week for a more in-depth course in stage combat.
  • A full Fight Directors Canada Basic Actor-Combatant Certification (60+ hours of training) NB: minimum age 16.

I can travel to your school, or you can send your students to Academie Duello, and offer them credit upon completion.

Your Productions Need Stage Combat

If your school produces a play each semester, I can offer my services as choreographer. I’ll teach the students the safe and effective moves as part of their fight sequence in the show.

Why choose plays without fights, or to neuter the violence because the players are “too young” or “don’t have the background” for it? Provide them with the training, and they’ll enjoy performing the play even more… and with complete safety.

Visit my Stage Combat Choreography page for details.

Students, You Can Help

If you want your school to offer stage combat for your own safety, tell your teachers about me. If you have a school council, start a petition because your safety as performers should be a priority at your school.