Stretching Towards the Splits

How do you perform high kicks to prove you’re a “real martial artist”? Even educated and experienced stunt coordinators look for leg flexibility when choosing who will perform well in fight scenes. Why? Mostly because the public demands it. So, you have to increase your flexibility to give the people what they want. The Best […]

The Sword Really Is An Extension of Your Arm

Image via Wikipedia “You must practice until the sword becomes an extension of your body.” A study published recently in the journal Current Biology shows that when you use a tool, your brain incorporates it into your body-plan. The idea of tools being part of your body (especially an expert) is not a new idea. […]

Top 7 Jump Programs To Increase Your Vertical

Do you want your flying kicks to fly higher? Still not achieving a butterfly kick? Are you always worried about flips because you don’t get the height? Do you want to turn your nice 540 into a 720? Increase jump height and every jumping trick becomes easier. Jumping Excercises for Explosive Leg Power It should […]

Is Overtraining Reducing Your Muscle Gains?

Many athletes think that training as hard as possible and as often as possible is the best way to improve performance. Elite professional athletes have coaches at every session, and part of their job is to monitor them for overtraining. Overtraining can have devastating effects. The Effects of Over-Training Nervous system: Higher resting heart rate […]

Stretching For Fighters

One sign audiences look for in a martial artist is high kicks, especially in stage combat since we want to look like great fighters (not necessarily to be good fighters). Stretching is the obvious route to flexibility and fine high kicks. Why Stretch? Stretching prevents injuries… mostly (read below) Stretching improves kicks and range of […]