Bourne to Fight

The three Bourne movies are often cited as favourites of modern film fights. Let’s take a closer look. The Bourne Identity Fight Summary: This is the one that made Bourne: Pen Versus Knife. Fight Length: 97 seconds Notes: There is time and space given to character choices, but flurries of attacks are fast and close. […]

Just in Time for a Bartitsu Workshop… Careful with the Face.

What is this marvellous fighting style from Victorian England that includes distractions, low kicks, and controlling the balance and reach of attackers? Why, it’s Bartitsu! Plus a little Wing Chun, since that’s Robert Downey Jr.’s previous training. Bartitsu Workshop This Saturday 10-December is an Introduction to Bartitsu workshop at Academie Duello in downtown Vancouver. For […]

Sherlock Holmes Fights Again

Enjoy it, replay it often… I certainly do. For a short discussion of the Baritsu (spelling counts!) in the trailer, visit the Bartitsu Society page And if you feel inspired, our next Introduction to Bartitsu workshop is 23 July. Don’t miss out.

Rise of the Choppy Fight Scene: Video Slideshow

“You actually want an element of disorientation—that’s what makes it exciting,” Murch says of his approach to splicing together a fight. “So you put the focus of interest somewhere else, jarringly, and you cut at unexpected moments. You make a tossed salad of it, you abuse the audience’s attention.”Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan, and the rise […]

Sherlock Holmes Movie

Here’s some fun stuff about the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law as Watson. As usual, let’s get right to the excellent video right away. Kung Fu Cinema: My New Bookmark Guy Ritchie’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’ knows bartitsu is a great article about the fighting in the upcoming film. It […]

Family Guy Chicken Fight Scenes

I’m going to kick off a new feature of PlayFighting with a series of fights that everybody loves. If you haven’t seen the Chicken fights from Family Guy, you’re in for a treat. Fight Movies Introducing the Fight Movies category. I will be showing fights from film and TV, and pointing out the best and […]