Get Out!

Ending Violence the Bartitsu Way 4 (click for part 3: To The Pain!) Here’s what we’ve covered so far: Guarding the Mark: Fight ends due to inability to breathe or other life-threatening problem The Knockout: Fight ends because they are rendered unconscious and cannot continue To The Pain!: Fight ends when every movement (or any […]

Ladies and Safety

Another combination of my favourite subjects: stage combat and Edwardian self-defense. To add “…and ladies” would have been very sexist, why would you think I’d say something so rude? Oh yeah, the title of this article. Let me just say at the outset that women tend to be more concerned with personal safety than men […]

To the Pain!

Ending Violence the Bartitsu Way 3: Overwhelming pain. Every movement (or any leg movement) causes such extreme pain that they cannot continue

The Knockout

Ending Violence the Bartitsu Way 2 (click for part 1: Guarding the Mark) Last time, we discussed the hit to the mark, and why it is important to guard the mark. This week, we’re going straight to the most impressive fight-finisher, and the event most people associate with boxing: the knockout punch. Regarding the knockout […]

Guarding the Mark

Ending Violence the Bartitsu Way part 1

Bartitsu Manuals and Videos

For those interested in further research into Bartitsu and its component disciplines, books and DVD videos can be a valuable home-study resource. Naturally, there is no substitute for training with an instructor who can correct your mistakes, and the physical contact with a training partner, but for some Vancouver is too far to study at […]

Cutlass Drill Diagram

Image source: http://www.nmm.ac.uk/collections/images/2000/A1553.jpg Naval Cutlass Exercise – H C Angelo – 1813 This diagram of the use of the cutlass actually cuts across both topics that I instruct (and blog about here): stage combat and bartitsu. This main geometric shape shows the positions of our parries and cuts, while the top band illlustrates proper posture […]