My Nemesis: The Contact Slap

I’ve heard every excuse why people want to do contact slaps: It maintains the reality of the scene (as if anything staged is “real”), or I want to feel the slap to react with true emotion. It’s the only way a slap looks genuine It’s not really dangerous, so why not? We don’t have time […]

Bartitsu Class: Fight Like Sherlock Holmes

Workshop July 26 Learn the fighting style of Sherlock Holmes in this unique one-day workshop at Academie Duello. England in the 19th century was replete with instructors in martial arts from the world over. E.W. Barton-Wright had returned from Japan and opened a school to teach the English gentleman how to defend himself against ruffians […]

July Stage Combat Jump-Start

Update: Due to scheduling conflicts, the first day of class is July 13. The course will be 3 weeks, 2 hours per day: 5pm to 7pm. Since the time is reduced, the price is reduced to $250. Are Your Stage Combat Skills Rusty? How long has it been since you took a stage combat class? […]

Learn About Learning Strategies

Why reading a book on a new martial art or stage combat will do very little for you: This image is from an article called Learn Anything on Why People Put Down Book Smarts Learning from a book is often frustrating precisely because it is limited. You know that you can’t fully learn a […]

Asleep at the Wheel

Come see my fight choreography and magic in this show. By the way, the writing is brilliant and I’m really excited about the direction. This show is the jewel in the New Ideas Festival crown, and week three always sells out… so get your tickets soon. ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL a new play by Jordan […]