Cross-Training For Stage Combat

The actor-combatant (a professional actor who can also perform fight scenes) who actually gets work must be versatile enough to work with the needs of each production, so is cross-training in several martial arts a good thing? Two Kinds of People I hate to be one of those people who divides the world into two […]

Scenes of Violence

Most actors learn stage combat for a specific role while in rehearsal. My belief that every performer before leaving acting school should have Basic Actor-Combatant certification wth Fight Directors Canada does not have widespread support. Therefore, the majority of actors already have a scene to fight to. But actors who are taking the full stage […]

Ladies and Safety

Another combination of my favourite subjects: stage combat and Edwardian self-defense. To add “…and ladies” would have been very sexist, why would you think I’d say something so rude? Oh yeah, the title of this article. Let me just say at the outset that women tend to be more concerned with personal safety than men […]

Stage Combat Tomorrow

This Sunday at 2pm, join us for the Introduction to Stage Combat Workshop. I’ll let our revised and improved video tell you the details for me: And if you’re the type to plan way ahead, next summer will be the first Fight Directors Canada regional workshop in Vancouver. Here’s the announcement from Fight Master Paul […]

Romeo & Juliet With Fire

The Royal Shakespeare Company does not disappoint. Here is an excerpt from David Sheward’s review on In addition to this juxtaposition of eras, Goold employs a fascinating recurring theme: fire. Taking his cue from the Bard’s numerous references to the heat and brevity of amorous passions, flames are everywhere, from Scutt’s sun-flecked masks for […]

Felicia Day’s Dagger Work in Dragon Age

I can finally confirm that I did train Felicia Day for Dragon Age web series.

Dueling practice at the BAG | Encore | Squamish Chief, Squamish, BC

Here’s an excerpt from a write-up on my recent work in Squamish on the Princess Bride they’re mounting there: Dueling practice at the BAG | Encore | Squamish Chief, Squamish, BC. “The sword fighting needed to look good because it’s such an essential component of the production,” said Fuhre, “And of course we need make […]