This Week in Bartitsu:

Bartitsu Study Group (no instructor): 8pm-10pm every Wednesday and 3pm-5pm every Saturday

All levels will review fundamentals:

  • Bayonet form blocks and the bayonet drill of attacks
  • Striking and guarding in high guard
  • Preemptive strike from rear guard with follow-ups.

Green Sash will review of all walking stick lessons:

  • Bayonet form jujitsu
  • Outside guard
  • Using the crook

Blue Sash will review all walking stick categories:

  • Le Boucher
  • Reverse-grip and two-handed strikes, blocks and jujitsu
  • Other self-defence weapons: kuboton/knife, Bowie knife, Escrima/Kali sticks

My recommended format for the 2-hour study group is:
15 minute warm up including discipline-specific movements (for cane, we use Indian clubs)
15 minutes for Fundamentals
45 minutes to review and improve on the lessons above
45 minutes for one or more of the following:

  • sparring
  • inventing or reviewing combinations that integrate all aspects of Bartitsu
  • self-defence scenarios
  • learning from the Bartitsu Compendium or other legitimate sources

The Bartitsu program at Academie Duello is currently closed to new enrolment, as it is now a study group. Any member of Academie Duello on any monthly plan who has previously taken the Bartitsu Fundamentals course can join the Bartitsu study group.

For more on our classes, visit the Lessons page. For reading outside of class, check out the Fight Like a Gentleman Blog.