Reading and research is a good place to start, but Bartitsu is a physical skill that one needs to practice.

Getting Started

The introduction to our art is a four-week Bartitsu Fundamentals course. It’s 2pm-4pm on Saturdays, or 8pm-10pm on Wednesdays with a focus one of the weapons each week, integrating them together as we progress for one month. Click for a breakdown of the progression: Bartitsu Fundamentals: Fight Like Sherlock Holmes

You can also arrange this workshop as a private coaching session for individuals or groups. I’ll expand or contract the content to fit your time constraints.

In the spring and fall, we also teach Umbrella Self-Defense in a 4-hour workshop once a month.

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Ongoing Training

After completing one of the workshops, you have the basic skills to join our weekly training sessions.

Our current schedule is Wednesdays 8-10pm and Saturdays 3pm-5pm

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Private Lessons and Events

I have taught Bartitsu for private groups and public events such as the Victoria Steampunk Expo and Portland GEARcon. Just email me if your organization would like a one-time lesson or custom ongoing training.

Bartitsu is excellent self-defense for anyone who wears a suit for a living. Learn a system that was designed for a gentleman, using the most effective strategies short of hiring a bodyguard. Contact me for lessons in the privacy of your home or work in Vancouver.