This Week in Bartitsu:

This is a bonus week, when there will be no Bartitsu Fundamentals class. Because there will be no beginners, we can work on deeper understanding and a higher level of performance using:

  • Canonical plays (especially those with walking stick)
  • Slow work for complete integration (kick-punch-takedown unarmed versus unarmed/knife/stick)
  • Sparring
  • Requests? Bring questions and suggestions!

The Bartitsu program at Academie Duello is currently closed to new enrolment, as it will be transitioning to a study group. Any member of Academie Duello on any monthly plan who has previously taken the Bartitsu Fundamentals course can join the Bartitsu study group.

For more on our classes, visit the Lessons page. For reading outside of class, check out the Fight Like a Gentleman Blog.