In preparation for the sash test on November 18, this month’s lessons will review previous lessons and focus on sparring which is necessary for the examination.

This Week in Bartitsu:

Ongoing Bartitsu class runs 8pm-10pm every Wednesday and 3pm-5pm every Saturday.

Introduction to Bartitsu (Green Sash): Savate fundamentals

All levels will work on:

  • Slow work for complete integration (kick-punch-takedown unarmed versus unarmed/knife/stick)
  • Savate sparring (purring), Jujitsu sparring
  • Requests? Bring questions and suggestions!

Green Sash:
For ongoing students to prepare for their Blue Sash test, we will review:

  • Side Kick
  • Round Kick
  • Stop-kick

Blue Sash:
On Wednesday and Saturday, Blue Sash students will continue their exploration of Bartitsu:

  • Savate lesson: Spin crescent kick
  • Jujitsu review: Kimura and Americana

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