Learn About Learning Strategies

Why reading a book on a new martial art or stage combat will do very little for you: This image is from an article called Learn Anything on Why People Put Down Book Smarts Learning from a book is often frustrating precisely because it is limited. You know that you can’t fully learn a […]

Big Year for Cyril Raffaelli

Most of the mainstream world has never heard the name Cyril Raffaelli. Even among fans of action films, he’s not a common name in North America. In my opinion, he’s one of the best things to happen to action films in recent years. Here’s a short promo of him: Just another parkour nut? The kind […]


The famed Broadway and Hollywood casting director reveals everything an actor needs to know to get the part. When Streisand, Redford, Vereen, Tomlin, Midler and Hoffman got their first breaks, Michael Shurtliff was there. Michael Shurtleff has been casting director for Broadway shows like Chicago and Becket and for films like The Graduate and Jesus […]

Actor’s Survival Kit

The Actor’s Survival Kit has been the backbone of Business of Acting courses and a constant resource for its many readers across Canada. But, after seven years and two editions, the business has changed. Peter Messaline and Miriam Newhouse have revised the original Actor’s Survival Kit and addressed a number of issues and areas of […]

Acting! Sense Memory and Emotional Memory

by Mark Westbrook Sense Memory and Emotional Recall (also known as Affective Memory) are closely related ideas in the theory of acting. These two terms are primarily connected to the Stanislavski School of acting and those schools that have derived themselves from Stanislavski’s systematic approach to acting and actor training. These schools each have points […]

How do actors memorise their lines? – Times Online

This interview from the Times Online elaborates on the importance of context in memory, and how this is especially important for actors. In MemorizeShakespeare, our sister site, Context is #3 on the list of Top 8 Tips For Memorizing Shakespeare. Are their brains bigger than ours? In a public discussion held at New York’s Columbia […]

Channeling Macbeth, Patrick Stewart Threatens to Kneecap Us

Photo: Manuel Harlan by Sarah Maslin Nir Patrick Stewart is on a Shakespearian high, playing a host of the Bard’s greats in back-to-back-to-back productions: Last summer he dazzled British critics as Twelfth Night’s Malvolio, and next year he’s taking on Hamlet’s uncle for the Royal Shakespeare Company. In between, he continues his role as the […]