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David McCormick

Certified Instructor with Fight Directors Canada

Phone: 778-840-2370

Height: 6′
Weight: 175 lbs.
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Grey/Blue

Direction and Fight Choreography

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Fights: Smallsword and dagger

Bard on the Beach
Play With Monsters

Fights: Unarmed, Katana

Solo Collective
Brave New Play Rites festival

Fights: Unarmed

Fat Pig

Fights: Unarmed

Mitch & Murray Co-op
Beauty & The Beast

Fights: Unarmed, dagger

Pembroke Theatre
Asleep At the Wheel

Fights: Unarmed; Illusions

Alumnae Theatre
Dark City Streets

Fights: Unarmed, pistol

Noble Savage Productions
Sherlock Holmes & The First…

Fights: Umbrella-sword, unarmed (19th century-style)

17 Steps: Fringe 2008

Fights: bailing hooks, unarmed

Forward Theatre
Conversations with my Father

Fights: unarmed (historical boxing)

Teatron Productions
Romeo & Juliet

Director (including fights: unarmed, staff, sabre, knife, escrima)

Forward Theatre
King Lear

Fights: broadsword, sword & shield, spear, axe, dagger, unarmed

Forward Theatre

Fights: unarmed, smallsword

Forward Theatre

Fights: unarmed

Forward Theatre
Romeo & Juliet

Fights: khopesh (exotic sword), axes, dagger, staff, unarmed

Forward Theatre

Fights: cane-sword, staff, dagger, mace, unarmed

Candy Factory Theatre
Hamlet: The Horatio Tapes

Fights: rapier & dagger

Candy Factory Theatre

Fights: rapier & dagger, sabre

Paradox Theatre
Zastrozzi, Master of Discipline

Fights: unarmed, sabre, rapier & dagger, knife, whip

Paradox Theatre
Romeo & Juliet

Fights: martial arts, Chinese broadsword, katana, staff, escrima

K-W Little Theatre
Twelfth Night

Fights: unarmed, sabre

RavenBlack Productions


Download acting resume PDF

Strafe Stunts   Roaming Cavalier Films
Romeo & Juliet Principal Tybalt Forward Theatre

Duel of Ages (Toronto Fringe 2007) Ensemble King/Gentleman/Big Bad True Edge Productions
King Lear Principal Edgar Forward Theatre
Hamlet Principal

Laertes Forward Theatre
Romeo & Juliet Principal Capulet Forward Theatre

Home of the Brave Principal Corp. T.J. Everitt Teatron Productions
Rashomon Principal The Samurai City Centre Theatre
Shakespeare’s NHL Ensemble

Douglas, John of Gaunt Upstart Crow Productions
Macbeth Principal MacDuff Candy Factory Theatre
Macbeth Actor Lord Tempest Theatre
Zastrozzi, Master of Discipline Lead Zastrozzi Paradox Theatre
Romeo & Juliet Principal Benvolio K-W Little Theatre


Stage Combat: Basic Quarterstaff, Intermediate Martial Arts

FDC Nationals 2014
Stage Combat: Basic Course

Academie Duello
Bartitsu and Neo-Bartitsu

Academie Duello
Stage Combat: unarmed, sword, quarterstaff

George Brown College (Assistant to Simon Fon)
Stage Combat: unarmed

Rapier Wit (Assistant to Daniel Levinson)
Stage Combat: sabre

Hamilton Urban Shakespeare workshop
Acting, Mime, Stage Combat: broadsword

The Junior Acting Studio, Wilfred Laurier University
Stage Combat: unarmed

Cochrane High School
Stage Combat: quarterstaff

1 st Iroquois Venturer Company
Stage Combat: unarmed

Cameron Heights Collegiate

Training and Certification

Occupational First Aid Level II (2012)
Red Cross Standard First Aid Level C (2009)
Fight Directors Canada: Instructor (2009), Advanced Actor-Combatant (2007)

Daniel Levinson

Stage combat: unarmed, sabre, rapier & dagger, smallsword, broadsword, quarterstaff, sword & shield
John Stead

Stunts: high falls, unarmed combat for film, Hong Kong wire work, firearms
Ian Rose

Stage combat: Rapier & Cloak, Case of Rapiers, katana, escrima sticks
Tony Wolf

Stage combat: re:Action System, “Gun-Fu”, bartitsu: 19th century boxing and cane fighting
Casey Kaleba

Stage Blood Effects of Grand Guignol
Jean-Francois Gagnon

Stage combat: found/environmental weapon, teaching methodology
Jacques Cappelle

Stage combat: smallsword
Steve Wilsher

Stage combat: broadsword
Simon Fon

Stage combat: martial arts, escrima sticks, Chinese broadsword, nunchaku, katana
Ricki Ravits

Stage combat: rapier & dagger
Todd Campbell

Stage combat: smallsword
Jonathan Howell

Stage combat: smallsword
Adrien Young

Stage combat: martial arts

University of Waterloo , B.A. Drama & Psychology

William Chadwick

James Binkley

Stage combat: unarmed, saber, firearms
Joel Greenberg


Special Skills

  • Expert in several martial arts: bartitsu, wing chun, Shotokan karate, judo.
  • Dialects: North American regionalisms, British Isles, German, Russian, Australian
  • Stage blood, special effects, make-up, slight-of-hand
  • Fluently bilingual (English/French)