Bartitsu April-May Wrap-Up

The demo team at Academie Duello has helped me perform a fight sequence in order to show off Bartitsu at live demonstrations. We filmed the rehearsals, which turned out so well, I edited them together with a voiceover describing the techniques.

So check out our Bartitsu promo video, based on Barton-Wright’s advice for using walking stick for self-defence in a crowd:

Weekly Rundown

2 April, 2011: Boxing and Savate. We dealt with an opponent who gets in close using hand and foot striking techniques. We focused on combos that keep an assailant out of alignment and backing away.

9 April, 2011: This week’s Bartitsu class was a review of the previous week’s savate, and new cane techniques. Like the previous class, we looked at the short range and creating distance with those weapons.

This was also our monthly Intro to Bartitsu weekend, so my regular class integrated with the newcomers in a supportive environment.

16 April, 2011

  1. Cane technique review, including vertical strikes.
  2. Jujitsu break-falls and the back heel throw.
  3. Combine the preemptive strike with the back heel throw, and dealing with opponent’s grabbing the stick.

23 April, 2011

  1. Review of Jujitsu: variants on the back heel throw and hip throw
  2. Scientific Boxing: entries into chancery.
  3. Synthesis: boxing entries to throws, including offensive, preemptive and defensive tactics.

30 April, 2011

  1. Boxing review: Lead and cross punching using focus pads for accuracy and power. More advanced students will learn the chopper and hammer fist.
  2. Cane: The Irish horizontal strikes.
  3. Integration: Using the slip from boxing into horizontal strikes with stick. Stick defence that includes punching with the off-hand.

7 May, 2011
This week, I could not teach class because I was teaching stage combat workshops at the Sears Drama Festival. Students were treated to guest instruction from one of our star students and an experienced jujitsuka, Petr.

14 May, 2011

  1. Review of Cane: vertical strikes, preemptive strikes
  2. Savate: Coup de pied bas, chasse croise
  3. Integration: Coup de pied bas as a distraction between stick strikes, preemptive cane strike into shin kick.

21 May, 2011:

  1. Review of Savate: coup de pied horizontale
  2. Jujitsu: come-along hold and other arm controls
  3. Integration: when your lock fails, kick it.

28 May, 2011:

  1. Review of Jujitsu joint locks
  2. Walking stick vertical strikes
  3. Integration of stick with joint locks
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