Bartitsu Class: Fight Like Sherlock Holmes

Workshop July 26

Learn the fighting style of Sherlock Holmes in this unique one-day workshop at Academie Duello.

England in the 19th century was replete with instructors in martial arts from the world over. E.W. Barton-Wright had returned from Japan and opened a school to teach the English gentleman how to defend himself against ruffians using only the most effective techniques whether unarmed or carrying the accessory of the time: the walking-stick.

The Bartitsu system worked so well that Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle wrote that Sherlock Holmes used it to defeat Moriarty.


  • English boxing, French kickboxing and the English interpretation of Judo
  • Stick fighting and self-defense with an umbrella
  • Modern urban self-defense evolved from the principles of Bartitsu

Whether your interest is in history or practical self-defense, this workshop will give you the skills and knowledge of 19th century fighting.

Only $120 (15% discount for members)

Register Now: Call 604.568.9907 or Drop by Academie Duello

Upstairs 422 Richards St. – Corner of Hastings

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