Bartitsu Manuals and Videos

For those interested in further research into Bartitsu and its component disciplines, books and DVD videos can be a valuable home-study resource. Naturally, there is no substitute for training with an instructor who can correct your mistakes, and the physical contact with a training partner, but for some Vancouver is too far to study at Academie Duello.

The Essential Books

The Bartitsu Compendium Volume I and Volume II

Pugilism: The Bare-Knuckle Boxer’s Companion

DVD Videos

I think we still have one copy of the Bartitsu DVD in the Academie Duello store. Or you can order your own: Bartitsu: The Lost Art of Sherlock Holmes

Savate: Defense Dans La Rue, Vol. 1: Savate Street Kicking

Walking Stick: The Walking Stick Method of Self-Defense, Vols. 1, 2, and 3

Historical Accuracy

The works above are the essentials of each art, but there are many other good sources. There are even more badly produced works and those that are not historically accurate. However, in the spirit of revival and research, I encourage the home-study student to read, watch and absorb as many different sources as possible within the topics “Bartitsu”, “Bare-knuckle boxing”, “pugilism”, “savate”, “cane fighting”, “walking stick self defense”, “jujitsu”, “Victorian martial arts” and other search terms online and at your local library.

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