Bartitsu March Wrap-up

In the month of March, we finished up the cycle. As you know, each week we look at two of the four Bartitsu disciplines (Pugilism, savate, jujitsu and cane), with one of the styles a repeat or review of the previous week. So, we start spring with a fresh cycle, returning to the first lesson of boxing and cane fighting.

Weekly Rundown

Week 26 (5 March, 2011): This week’s Bartitsu class focused on:

  1. Savate: a review of the basic kicks in which we mainly practiced targeting and avoiding with a partner, like a structured purring match
  2. Jujitsu: a practical look at getting to an opponent’s back to apply chokes and throws, including an escape from chancery and other variations.
  3. Integration: adding kicks as distractions during a jujitsu manipulation, or to “enhance” a throw.

Week 27 (12 March, 2011): Class reviewed the many jujitsu holds and throws from the previous week, and introduces new cane techniques. When we combined them, we found out how to deal with an assailant who gets a hold of your walking stick.

This weekend was our monthly “Introduction to Bartitsu” workshop. If you’d like to join our weekly class, this workshop is a must. On the other hand, if you’re not into a weekly class but still want a comprehensive overview of Bartitsu with many useful historical techniques, that’s another great reason join us for this four-hour workshop and bring your friends.

19 March, 2011: Somewhat of an anniversary: Over the past 27 sessions, we have covered all the two-weapon combinations in every order. Don’t try to correct my math, it doesn’t work out to a perfect periodic schedule, so there have been many exceptions. Still, this was the week when we put it all together and had a sparring day. We started with some Prize Fight Rules boxing, followed by purring, then full unarmed bouts (boxing, savate and jujitsu), cane-fencing, then full armed bouts where all our Bartitsu skills were tested.

26 March, 2011: This class focused on Cane fighting and Boxing, as we restarted from the beginning. We also explored the core concept of Awareness through some new exercises.

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