Bartitsu Training

Tired of ruffians and rapscallions harassing you in the streets? Only have an umbrella or cane at your immediate disposal? Have no fear, Academie Duello is here to teach you the art of Bartitsu!

The Bartitsu program is the “New Art of Self Defence” created by Edward William Barton-Wright in 1899. Barton-Wright was the founder of the first Mixed Martial Art designed to beat the fearsome street gangs of Edwardian London and fin de siècle Paris at their own dastardly game.

Students of this discipline will focus on:

  • Victorian cane and umbrella fighting
  • Unarmed strikes and grappling
  • A unique blend of jiujitsu, savate and pugilism

Getting Started

To get the fundamentals down, you’ll first need to sign up for our Introduction to Bartitsu: Fight Like Sherlock Holmes workshop. The next opportunity is listed in the sidebar or here: Bartitsu Introductory Workshop

Continuing Practice

The ongoing program runs on Saturday afternoons from 3pm-5pm and is part of the class options that your monthly Academie Duello dues cover.

We cover purely historical techniques, as well as modern variations for realistic self-defense. Drills are designed for accuracy as well as the ability to think while fighting. To test your skills, part of the class time will feature sparring. This is really the first western mixed martial art, combining kickboxing with jiujitsu and cane fighting… not for the ring, but for ultimate self-defense.

Where? Academie Duello, 412 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C.
When? Saturdays, 3pm-5pm
How much? Academie membership varies by package. You can take 1 class per week, or other combinations up to unlimited classes. Drop by Academie Duello to find out more.

Fight Like a Gentleman

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