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Kathryn Kirkpatrick in Fat PigThis is your last week to catch Fat Pig, which is getting fantastic reviews, like this one:

From Vancouver Observer:

Fat Pig: Highly Recommended
Director Michael Scholar Jr. has done a great job at staging the play in a way that keeps the audience focused and engaged. The set is minimal and shifts direction, both physically and metaphorically, at several points throughout the performance.

Kathryn Kirkpatrick delivers a brave and stellar performance as Helen, the object of Tom’s (Lawrence Haegert) desire and Haegert pulls us in completely with his performance, giving us hope that he’ll come through in the end. Jennifer Mawhinney and Aaron Craven’s characters (Jeannie, Carter) provide the cringe. Their dialogue is rich with all we try to hide in ourselves.

Fat Pig is a play that everyone should see. If you can get past the title, it’s definitely worth the time.
Vancouver Observer: Articles

The play is not about obesity itself, but concerns honesty. I found it a fascinating exploration of what it means to be honest with oneself and with others. Is being truthful always good? Is changing your mind a matter of integrity? Is there any truth or lies without a society’s judgment? Each of the characters struggle with these ideas, and that’s what makes this play engaging.

A couple of other reviews:

From “An Unidentified Production”: Blog by TwentySomething Theatre

This Is What I Like To See
The quality of this Vancouver production of “Fat Pig” was equal to what I saw on Broadway.

From Irresistible Theatre: Blog by Angela Konrad

Fat is Phat
Michael Scolar Jr. has created a terrific production in every respect. In addition to drawing lovely performances from his actors, the staging is inventive without being self-conscious, the pacing is spot on, and the comedy and pathos are in perfect balance.

Fat Pig makes my first Top Ten entry of 2009.

The performances are selling out, so call to reserve tickets.

Where: Performance Works, Granville Island
When: May 20 – 30
Tickets: Tues – Thur & Matinees $21.50; Fri – Sat $25.50
Contact: 604 684 2787
Tickets Online:

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