Stripped Down Hypertrophy




Train 5 days per week.  Each workout about 40 minutes. 


Group 1

A1) Upper body horizontal push

A2) Upper body horizontal pull

B) Quad-dominant lower body


Group 2

A1) Upper body vertical push

A2) Upper body vertical pull

B) Hip-dominant lower body


Sample Workout

Group 1

A1) Dumbbell bench press

A2) Seated row

B) Back squat


Group 2

A1) Dip

A2) Pull-up

B) One-arm dumbbell snatch


Sets and Reps

For each workout, you’ll train one group with a 4×10 set/rep scheme and the other with a 5×5 set/rep scheme, switching the two schemes each workout. So if you train Group 1 with 4×10 and Group 2 using 5×5 one day, the next time you hit the gym you will train each group with the opposite pattern. 

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