Action Acting Outline

For a better understanding of the daily breakdown of lessons in our Fight Directors Canada Basic certification course, I’ve prepared this outline.

You may find this useful if you’re a participant (starting tomorrow) or if you’re considering signing up for September’s session. (Online registration is now closed, but there are still spots in the session that begins tomorrow. If you would like to sign up, please give the front desk a call at 604-568-9907 and we’ll see if we can fit you in!)

All classes are 1pm-5pm.

Week 1 Sunday (May 1/Sept. 4): Lesson 1
Week 1 Monday (May 2/Sept 5): Lesson 2
Week 1 Tuesday (May 3/Sept 6): Lesson 3
Week 1 Wednesday (May 4/Sept 7): Lesson 4
Week 1 Thursday (May 5/Sept 8): Lesson 5
Week 1 Friday (May 6/Sept 9): Lesson 6

Saturday: Day Off. Do some stretching. Select 3 scenes you like for the test.

Each day in week 2, one hour will focus on an acting skill.

Week 2 Sunday (May 8/Sept. 11): Lesson 7
Week 2 Monday (May 9/Sept 12): Lesson 8
Week 2 Tuesday (May 10/Sept 13): Lesson 9
Week 2 Wednesday (May 11/Sept 14): Lesson 10
Week 2 Thursday (May 12/Sept 15): Lesson 11
Week 2 Friday (May 13/Sept 16): Lesson 12

Saturday: Day Off. Do some stretching. Study your glossary for the test. Memorize your lines.

Week 3 Sunday (May 15/Sept. 18): Lesson 13
Week 3 Monday (May 16/Sept 19): Lesson 14
Week 3 Tuesday (May 17/Sept 20): Rehearsal
Week 3 Wednesday (May 18/Sept 21): Rehearsal
Week 3 Thursday (May 19/Sept 22): Rehearsal
Week 3 Friday (May 20/Sept 23): Exam

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