Bartitsu April-May Wrap-Up

The demo team at Academie Duello has helped me perform a fight sequence in order to show off Bartitsu at live demonstrations. We filmed the rehearsals, which turned out so well, I edited them together with a voiceover describing the techniques. So check out our Bartitsu promo video, based on Barton-Wright’s advice for using walking […]

Bartitsu March Wrap-up

In the month of March, we finished up the cycle. As you know, each week we look at two of the four Bartitsu disciplines (Pugilism, savate, jujitsu and cane), with one of the styles a repeat or review of the previous week. So, we start spring with a fresh cycle, returning to the first lesson […]

April’s Victorian Workshops

This weekend, don’t miss my Victorian workshops at Academie Duello. On Saturday, the Introduction to Bartitsu Workshop: a primer in the fighting style of Sherlock Holmes. You’ll learn scientific boxing, french savate, jujitsu, and walking stick self-defence in this eclectic system. If you’re interested in our weekly Bartitsu class, this workshop is required before joining. […]

Bartitsu Kickboxing video

In a similar vein to my weekly Bartitsu class, Alex Zalud teaches two principle disciplines in this video: scientific boxing and savate. Instead of hot-linking the video, I’m sending you over to bartitsu.org where I found it. Stay on the site to read the many articles and investigate the resources available there. Bartitsu: Fight Like […]

Bartitsu: December-January Wrap Up

I apologize if you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat for this update. Since December was short, I decided to roll it into January’s update. At Academie Duello, we’ve seen our numbers grow, but some weeks remain intimate. I prefer small class sizes because I can address all concerns and track improvements in […]

Bartitsu Introductory Workshop

Saturday, January 8 – 1:00pm to 5:00pm Learn the mixed martial art of the Victorian English Gentleman. In this four-hour workshop, you’ll acquire the essential Bartitsu skills of Boxing, Jujitsu, Savate and Cane fighting: the basic punches of scientific boxing and the first defensive moves of pugilism, the first throw from jujitsu and how to […]

Bartitsu November Wrap-Up

Snow in Vancouver in November? I moved to the west coast to avoid snowstorms. Oh well. This month, I think we were all aware of our different sizes and capabilities. Adapting techniques for use against a much taller or shorter opponent was a part of many lessons because of the relative heights of our students. […]