May 2010 Basic Certification

After our hugely successful first stage combat course in which all students passed their examination with Fight Master J-P Fournier, Academie Duello is doing it again – right away. The next 10-week stage combat certification course will begin on 12 April 17 May! First Class: Monday, 12 April 2010 17 May, 2010 Time: 8 pm […]

January 2010 Basic Certification

The long-awaited announcement of the first Basic Actor-Combatant Certification course at Academie Duello. First Class: Monday, 18 January 2010 Time: 8 pm – 10 pm Duration: 18 January – 26 March (10 weeks) Place: Academie Duello, 412 W. Hastings, Vancouver, BC Mondays: Basic Sword Learn the fundamentals of sword for the stage and screen. The […]

Is Your Climax a Fizzle?

Good climaxes like this one from Rob Roy are not only exciting fights that are well performed, but also reflect the themes and actions in the rest of the story: What is the climax of a play or movie? It’s the point where the tension gets so high that something snaps. Psychological tension is released […]

Slaps & Slashes Stage Combat Fundamentals

3 Hours of Unarmed Stage Combat 3 Hours of Sabre for the Stage Stage Combat Fundamentals in One Day To perform fights on stage, there are two elements: performer safety and the illusion of violence. When you want to look like you’re trying to kill someone, it’s a bad idea to improvise. The fight looks […]

July Stage Combat Jump-Start

Update: Due to scheduling conflicts, the first day of class is July 13. The course will be 3 weeks, 2 hours per day: 5pm to 7pm. Since the time is reduced, the price is reduced to $250. Are Your Stage Combat Skills Rusty? How long has it been since you took a stage combat class? […]

Stratford Article on Daniel Levinson

My mentor, Daniel Levinson, has spent the last few months choreographing the stage combat for Julius Caesar at the Stratford Festival. He is also the associate fight director for Macbeth. The Stratford Festival website recently ran an article about Daniel and his work. It’s a brief look at the ideas that a fight master can […]

The Sword Really Is An Extension of Your Arm

Image via Wikipedia “You must practice until the sword becomes an extension of your body.” A study published recently in the journal Current Biology shows that when you use a tool, your brain incorporates it into your body-plan. The idea of tools being part of your body (especially an expert) is not a new idea. […]