Sword Master F. Braun McAsh

Last Friday, I had the honour of meeting sword master F. Braun McAsh. His claim to fame is the Highlander TV series. And that is how he is introduced by everyone. Highlander TV SwordMaster His pledge to the producers was that he would provide an original move or way of using a weapon in every […]

Review of Fat Pig – Continues This Week

This is your last week to catch Fat Pig, which is getting fantastic reviews, like this one: From Vancouver Observer: Fat Pig: Highly Recommended Director Michael Scholar Jr. has done a great job at staging the play in a way that keeps the audience focused and engaged. The set is minimal and shifts direction, both […]

Learn About Learning Strategies

Why reading a book on a new martial art or stage combat will do very little for you: This image is from an article called Learn Anything on Why People Put Down Book Smarts Learning from a book is often frustrating precisely because it is limited. You know that you can’t fully learn a […]

Filming the Fight Rehearsal

This is a fight scene from the movie Serenity, as the fight director designed it. The stunt woman’s name is Bridget Riley. Chad Stahelski was the stunt coordinator. The Value of a Fight Director One thing you notice about this clip that is different from demo reels of most stunt teams is this: editing. A […]

Fat Pig Opens This Week

Jesse nominated actor Michael Scholar Jr. takes the Director’s reigns for “Fat Pig”, with actors Kathryn Kirkpatrick (Helen), Aaron Craven (Carter), Jennifer Mawhinney (Jeannie),and Lawrence Haegert (Tom) giving compelling performances filled with realism and passion. “Fat Pig” also features designs by Itai Erdel (Lighting) and Naomi Sider (Costume and set Design) with poster design by […]

The Importance of Play

The name of the site is PlayFighting, so I would be remiss not to talk about play. Experts on Play TED, the annual conference on Technology, Entertainment and Design, hosted an entire sub-conference on “Serious Play” in 2008. Here is one seminal talk from that show: A pioneer in research on play, Dr. Stuart Brown […]

New FDC Site

In case you weren’t aware, I am the VP of Communications for Fight Directors Canada, and the webmaster. As such, I have the pleasure of announcing that I have completed a major re-design of the FDC site. Click Here for the All New FDC.CA Features Glossary: Yes, the FDC glossary is back online. Member Profiles: […]